"Do all the good you can, By all the means you can,
In all the ways you can, In all the places you can,
At all the times you can, To all the people you can,
As long as ever you can." -John Wesley

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Kindergarten Field Trip to Ft. Worth Zoo

Kindergarten Music Program

Accolades to Mr. Hanson - our wonderful music teacher! The Kindergarten class performed "The ABC's of Kindergarten" in April. Twenty-six songs and dances. What a sweet program!

Spring Break 2011 - San Antonio

The last leg of our spring break trip was to San Antonio with the Kilgo and Olivas families. Mexican food, margaritas and lots of soppapillas! We stayed in the super fab Hilton Del Palacio right on the river walk! We visited the Alamo, Hard Rock Cafe, and Ripley's Wax Museum. I can't wait for another spring break trip!

Monday, April 25, 2011

USS Lexington

The Cub Scout group spent a night on the USS Lexington in Corpus Christi, TX for our first night of Spring Break. We learned a lot about the history of this massive naval carrier. We slept in the berthing areas where the sailors slept (boys on one side, girls on the other!), and kept a military schedule.

Spring Break 2011 - Texas Revolution Trail

The fourth grade class recently studied the Texas Revolution. So, on our way to the USS Lexington, we stopped in the key towns where the battles were faught. Grayson and Stan loved telling us everything they learned. We visited Gonzales and Mission Goliad.

Coppell Gala - Black Tie Tailgate - Feb. 26, 2011

An awesome night out with friends. This year the theme was focused around collegiate football teams. Dress up or show your team spirit! Downtown Fever was the band! We danced til midnight!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

February Ice Storm!

The snow shut us down for about a week early in February! We had plenty of times to play in the snow and ice, drink hot chocolate and sit in front of the fire! Even our dog got in on the fun!